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Diode (MSD202)


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Diode (MSD202)

Please Note: These are sold individually.

Suitable for most domestic microwave ovens.

Suitable Replacement for:

HVR3 – 12
HVR1X – 72
12 KV
HVR3 – 12
HVR1X – 72

Recommended replacement for:

Amana UCA2000 , Amana URS511MB , Amana URS511P

Brother MF4700

Microstar 1300, Microstar 1750

Panasonic NE1030, Panasonic NE1253, Panasonic NE1330, Panasonic NE1747, Panasonic NE1757, Panasonic NE1780, Panasonic NE1880, Panasonic NE2640, Samsung 1200W

Samsung 1300W, Samsung 1400W, Samsung 1600W, Samsung 1800W, Samsung 1900W, Sharp R-21AT, Sharp R-23AM, Shapr R-24AT


Only a competent engineer familiar with high voltage circuitry should install this component. Please note the mains voltage supply must be disconnected before any repair is undertaken. Each high voltage capacitor must be discharged before the installation of any internal component. Magsells LTD accepts no liability for improper use or installation of their product.

I have read and agree to the High Voltage Warning.

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