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1000 to 1500 Inverter power supply



Series represents the most advanced technology regarding power supply for various standard magnetrons.

The behaviour of the magnetron is checked and regulated in order to minimize modding and to ensure maximum magnetron lifetime under all load conditions. This series magnetron power supply is the perfect choice for the industrial magnetron.

General Features
 Designed for different standard magnetrons;
 Continuously controllable output power level;
 Internal filament current circuitry;
 High efficiency and low weight;
 Completely boxed with dual cooling fan;
 Voltage or current signal controlling Interface;
 Classical switch power supply technology;
 Magnetron long life features;
 Modding and arcing protection;
 Regulated filament current supply;
 Compatible for multiple power supply applications;
M1. The magnetron is adaptable: All the 850, 1000 and 1500w magnetrons. 2. Electrical Performance
Model MS-MP1500KT
Input Voltage Range 185-265VAC
Input Frequency Range 50-60Hz
Input Current 0-10A
Input Power 0-2.4KW
Anode Voltage 3.8~4.4kV
Anode Current 0~480mA
Output Filament Voltage 3.3Vdc
Filament Current 6-11A
Output Power 0~2000W
Efficiency ≥ 90%
Power control mode 0~5V Signal Control (0~100%)
Environment Working temperature -30~65℃ Recommended; OTP in 75℃
Cooling method Forced air cooling (pay attention to use condition, completes the dustproof measures)
Grounding method shell + wire connection
Installation forms
The case bottom is equipped with an installation plate, plate and fixed plane with four M4 screw connections, backplane screw holes located in four Angle square, square side length 100 mm. Filament line Silica gel high tension line, pressure level 30 kv, the standard length of 1 m.
(1)Warning: Over 8kV will be generated when MS-MP1500 operates. Warning and safety
(2)All the connection, installation and operation of MS-MP1500 should be conducted by professional specialists following this instruction
(3)Be aware that the power supply should be handled with the same 8kV power line!

(1)All the installation and connection operations of MS-MP1000 should be conducted only under power-off conditions. No direct or indirect contact when operating!

(2)Open or destroy of the case, accessory lines, terminals or others is forbidden. (3)Users is not permitted to extend the output high voltage line

Size/weight 298 (L) x 204 (W) x 92 mm (H) / 1.8kg


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